HuiKang Bio-Tech aims to promote the transformation of China's biopharmaceutical R&D from "imitation type" to "original research type", and is commits to improving the development and application level of domestic biotechnology.


At present, among the key scientific research projects being researched by HuiKang Bio-Tech R&D center, recombinant human collagen, lysozyme, epidermal growth factor and superoxide dismutase have reached the international leading level.

As the keynote speech of the opening ceremony at the International Proteins and Peptides Conference 2018, the "China Peptide Bank" project has attracted extensive attention from both domestic and foreign academic circles.


IDS Adeno-associated Virus GeneTherapy

HuiKang research team has designed an IDS lentivirus vector to infect the hematopoietic stem cells of patients with IDS lentivirus and transfuse the infected hematopoietic stem cells back into the patients to cure the rare disease of MPS II thoroughly. The IDS lentivirus gene therapy developed by HuiKang Bio-Tech is used for the treatment of Mucopolysaccharidosis type II.

Artificial tears (R&D of two Class I New Drugs)

Two new artificial tears developed by HuiKang Bio-Tech are used for the treatment of dry eye, and have completed the evaluation on the superior efficacy of the industry-leading German similar products (the effect is better than the German Hylo products).

Eye drops with recombinant human lysozyme as the core ingredient can be used to treat xerophthalmia (eye fatigue, dryness and overuse of eyes), and relieve dry and itchy symptoms caused by chronic corneal and conjunctivitis.

Compound eye drops with recombinant human lysozyme and recombinant human epidermal growth factor as the core ingredients can repair the corneal and conjunctival epithelial damage of eyes, and has the effect of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and promoting wound healing.

These two kinds of artificial tears are disposable aseptic packaging, and their ingredients, physical and chemical properties, biological functions are close to human natural tears, and do not contain preservatives, so they are safer for long-term use.

Recombinant collagen sponge project

The effect of recombinant human collagen hemostatic sponge is better than that of animal collagen hemostatic sponge on the market. It can be used for hemostasis of surgical trauma, tissue repair (wound/burn), residual cavity filling and so on. Because the ingredients are similar and compatible with human collagen, it is safer without rejection reaction. It can be absorbed by human body after hemostasis and can also be degraded naturally.