HuiKang cosmetics R&D center, with biological raw materials as the core, adopts German CK instrument and American VISIA-CR skin image analysis and other advanced high-tech equipment at home and abroad. It combines professional R&D technology and good market sense to solve various skin problems as the goal, breaks through bottleneck of traditional cosmetics efficacy, and develops a variety of curing and daily maintenance types of cosmetic products.

Proteins and peptides: the core of biological skincare

The root cause of skin problems is often cell aging and protein function decline. Biological scientists have found that the physiological process of cell damage in human body and the physiological process of aging have similar mechanisms. Therefore, by activating the repair ability of the human body, it can effectively repair the damage and aging of skin cells, and achieve beauty effect. The 9 kinds of protein and peptides raw materials developed by HuiKang is the leading technical level in the industry and used in the manufacture of biological high-tech skin care products with remarkable effect and broad market prospect.

              • Colagen- Moisturizing and repair sensitivity

                • Argireline- Remove crow's feet, expression lines and dynamic lines

                • pentapeptide-1- Stimulate collagen production, anti - wrinkle and increase elasticity

                • Lysozyme -Anti-inflammation, sterilization, remove acne and soothing

                • Oligopeptide - 1--Promote epidermis growth, repair minimally invasive injury and remove red blood silk

                • SOD- Antioxidant, fscavenging free radical, detoxification of heavy metals

                • Glutathione - whitening, antioxidant, heavy metal excretion

                • Tripeptide- Whitening, anti-aging and deep repairing

                • GHK-Cu- Deep repair, anti-aging, nourish nervous 

      Six dimensional evaluation system: efficacy evaluation and safety guarantee

      1、Safety assessment

      In order to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics, a 24-hour patch test and repeated use safety test are conducted

      2、Stability assessment

      Apply a variety of temperature incubators to observe and evaluate 6 months of accelerated testing

      3、Content analysis and evaluation of functional ingredients

      In order to provide consumers with high quality cosmetics, accelerated stability tests were conducted on the content of functional ingredients

      4、Microbiological assessment

      Conduct evaluation in accordance with China's cosmetics management standards and ISO regulations on microbial evaluation, and cooperate with state-designated evaluation agencies

      5、Evaluation of in vitro skin efficacy

      In order to provide consumers with products of reliable quality, the most advanced skin evaluation equipment and evaluation methods are used to evaluate product efficacy, and subjective and objective evaluation of efficacy is conducted through a third party

      6、Evaluation of packaging material compatibility

      Check the reactivity of packaging materials and contents, stability of printing status, etc before the products go to market.