Shaanxi HuiKang Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., based in Xi 'an, Shaanxi, the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, with nearly 20 years of research and development production experience, more than 60 domestic and foreign invention patents as well more than 60 researchers, has accumulated a wealth of ODM/OEM experience. At present, it has sufficient formula reserve, covering all kinds of skin care products, and has a perfect efficacy evaluation department, which can provide product evaluation, professionals for product training and other additional services.


HuiKang ODM/OEM production base is designed and constructed in accordance with the concept of international standard workshop, high-tech products and modern management. The intelligent automatic production workshop has been put into use and its production capacity has been greatly improved. Now, it opens omni-channel ODM/OEM processing business of daily use chemical, CS, cinema, e-commerce, Wechat business, live video streaming by web celebrity, etc., to help the rise of domestic products and realize brand self-improvement!

1.  Cosmetics R&D Center

The cosmetics R & D center is commits to build a research and development platform for high-tech cosmetics. Adhering to the talent management concept of "Every Field Has Its Master", it has a large number of excellent R&D talents who are good at different fields. According to the company's brand strategic deployment, it adopts high-tech equipment at home and abroad, combines with professional R&D technology and good market sense, to continuously develop high-quality cosmetics.


Over the years, a series of scientific research achievements have been made. Through the development of new formula and new technology, it applies biotechnology to the formula to create a new biological skin care technology.



Formula development


Relying on high-tech biological scientific research technology, based on market survey data and analysis data of the same industry, HuiKang carried out adjustment and modification of existing formula, the research and development of new formula, and the redeployment test of old formula. Through the analysis of product composition, ingredient, raw materials, etc., the product formula is determined.



Biological research and development


Based on the scientific research and application of active proteins and peptides, HuiKang is responsible for the development, testing and efficacy evaluation of new formula of functional skin care products and bioactive skin care products. Pharmaceutical grade standards are strictly integrated into every link from production to R&D. Each ingredient has undergone strict safety test and efficacy test.



Special effects R&D

Develop special effects cosmetics. Starting with a variety of problematic skin, design and develop biological high-science cosmetics with efficacy, to achieve special skin care effects, such as anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, firming, anti-acne and other special effects. Distinguish special cosmetics from traditional cosmetics, and the traditional multi-ingredient formula is changed. The biological high-tech ingredients, which are famous for their minimalist ingredients and have been proved to be non-toxic by quality test and provide solutions to skin problems.



2. ODM/OEM Service process

3. Professional ability

HuiKang R&D Institute has a research team of 60 scientists and technicians. It has won more than 60 invention patents at home and abroad, has undertaken 12 national, provincial and municipal research projects, and cooperated with 6 domestic and foreign universities.

It has an international level research and development system, based on excellent experimental equipment, and brings together outstanding cosmetics research and development experts to develop high quality products that are safe, effective and meet the needs of consumers. At present, there are several formula reserves, with rich experience in customized development and production of cosmetics, can be customized for the majority of customers to develop all kinds of original essence, mask, cream and other cosmetics products, to meet the needs of customers for different types of product development.

Combine with advanced biotechnology and adhere to the research direction of "cosmetics efficacy maximization", it can achieve safer, more efficient and more easily accepted formula by skin, while protecting the activity of effective ingredients, and accurately transmitting them to the corresponding skin level, developing new skin care products with more environmental protection, meeting the market development and consumers' preference.



Ø “Small molecule scalpel”-Microemulsion biotechnology

Reduce the molecular size, greatly improve the absorption rate of cosmetics


Ø “Active ingredients through train”-Liposome encapsulation technology

Simulate skin structure, liposomes can improve the permeability of active substances and targeted accurate release


Ø  Liquid crystal technology formula-Liquid crystal state between solid and liquid

Enhance the stability of the product, greatly increase the absorption rate of the product, and bring a soft and gentle texture experience



4. Production capacity

In accordance with the 100,000-level dust-free purification production workshop, there is a cosmetics production workshop with independent functions, such as freeze-dried powder production workshop, thorough ingredients, emulsification, standing, washing bottle, filling and packaging, etc., and independent equipment purification system in the workshop, which can effectively control and ensure product quality.

More than 3500 square meters of workshop has introduced advanced production equipment. At present, it has 8 cosmetic production lines, of which the monthly output of full-automatic and semi-automatic production lines can reach 1.25 million bottles, and the monthly output of 2 freeze-dried powder production lines can reach 160,000 pairs.


5. Material supply

Select high quality raw materials from all over the world, and control product quality from the source


6. Quality test

HuiKang Bio-Tech Quality Center is specialized in production testing, covering an area of more than 350 square meters, including physical and chemical room, microbial detection room, ICP room, gas-liquid phase room, precision instrument room, balance room, reagent room and other functional areas. At present, there are 12 professional test personnel, management personnel, and 55 sets of professional testing equipment, including METTLER TOLEDO, BINDER, Agilentand and other international famous brands. It undertakes the test of cosmetics, medical devices, biological high-tech raw materials, disinfection products and other products, and has established more than 60 quality control procedures covering 7 links of product development, procurement, production, quality, logistics, equipment and human resources.



7. After-sales service


 Evaluation of professional efficacy in the industry

Germany CK instrument and American VISIA-CR skin image analyzer and other advanced high-tech equipment at home and abroad were used to evaluate the product efficacy. The product effect was digitized and visualized, aiming at solving various skin problems, breaking through the bottleneck of traditional cosmetics efficacy, and innovating and developing healing and daily maintenance skin care products.


 Strictly guarantee the specificity of product formula

Adhering to the rigorous and realistic craftsman spirit, we provide the best quality products and the most sincere service for China's major brand companies. Following the service concept of being responsible for every customer, every product produced in HuiKang will ensure the formula specificity and give a written commitment.


③ Professional factory staff to assist sales

In the initial cooperation, HuiKang will provide relevant product information and copywriting information, overview of selling points to the brand. HuiKang can provide sales engineers on-site or online training and other ways to explain the product selling point knowledge when reach the final cooperation, so as to promote customer sales.