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Shaanxi HuiKang Bio-tech Co., Ltd., established in 2001, which focus on the frontier areas of biotechnology-active protein and peptides, bio-regeneration engineering and applied science and technology research. With research technicians accounting for more than 23%, HuiKang is a biotechnology R&D platform company. The business scope covers pharmaceuticals, APIs, biological products, medical devices, cosmetics and health care products, etc. At present, the company has formed a strategic development territory centering on Xi'an headquarter and laying out Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities.



At the start-up period, based on the international leading technology in the application of active protein and peptides, HuiKang rose rapidly in bio-skincare raw materials industry in China. It is the first high-tech raw material supplier to advocate the concept of bio-homologous skincare in mainland of China, and also the OEM manufacturer of high-end skincare brands. In 2010, HuiKang marched into biomedical industry comprehensively by adjusting its strategic development plan and launching HuiKang Research Institute with nearly 100 million RMB investment, promoting research in the field of genetic engineering and cell engineering.


At present, HuiKang Bio-Tech has a professional scientific research team with more than 60 experts, including industry elites and distinguished university professors. The team has maintained long-term exchanges and cooperation with oversea biological experts and scholars from Australia and Korea. The R&D center is also the Practice Base of Northwest University and Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.In 2017, the honors of Xi'an Post-doctoral Innovation Base, Xi'an Talent Work Innovation Experimental Base, and Xi'an Active Protein and Peptides Engineering Center were successively granted to R&D center.



Since August 2020, HuiKang has obtained 70 patents, including 58 China invention patents, 12 international patents and 100 patent acceptance notices.There are 2 Class I New Drug and 17 key projects under running, of which 4 have reached international leading level. “Argireline Industeialization Project” was awarded the Xi’an Science and Technology Progress award, and the research achievements of argireline were published on the cover of American magazine I&EC Research.

The company has successively obtained China Integrity Management and Service Model Unit, Shaanxi High-tech Enterprises, Shaanxi Quality Credibility AAA Level Enterprise, Shaanxi Industrial Advanced Unit, Shaanxi Private Science and Technology Enterprises, Shaanxi Quality Integrity Recommend Enterprises, Shaanxi Integrity and Social Responsibility Model Unit, Xi’an “Contract&Credit valued” Unit, etc.



In the future, based on the world's leading HuiKang International Peptide Bank(China Peptide Bank)project, HuiKang will be committed to become a tip-top producer of biological products, pharmaceutical screening service provider and biological skincare products manufacturer.