Huikang Bio-Tech has always regarded the industry-university-research cooperation as an important way to achieve independent innovation, and regarded it as an inevitable choice to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces.

There are numerous universities and research institutes in Xi'an, with a large number of technological talents, which have favorable conditions for the development of high-tech industries. However, compared with other cities in China, the application and transformation ability is not that strong.

This is a great potential opportunity for HuiKang, especially R&D is at rising stage. Through investigation, we found that most of the scientific and technological personnel in Xi'an are concentrated in colleges research institutes, only few of them are engaged in applied research and achievements transformation. There is also a lack of entrepreneurial resources that combine technology and market tightly.

In recent years, with the support of government, we have established cooperative relations with a number of colleges and universities, jointly build a bridge between enterprise and university scientific research, and strive to achieve the import of talents, product transformation, markets linkage, creating a collaborative innovation of the industry-university-research cooperation system.

A few developed countries still maintain absolute advantage in pharmaceutical biotechnology industry, mainly because the developing countries have not yet been affected by the export of cheap labor. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is based on high technology and has great relationship with the scientific research ability of a country.

How to move forward step by step, keep regular cooperation and exchanges with oversea research institutions, make good use of foreign scientific and technological resources, learn from the world's advanced technology, to improve the enterprise's  innovation ability, which is the direction of HuiKang Bio-Tech long-term thinking and efforts to move forward.

Through communicate and exchange, we found existing gap and our deficiency. At the same time, we have also established a harmonious academic exchange environment which laid the foundation for deep cooperation in the future.