Peptides&Protein Experts

HuiKang has a professional R&D team consists of industry elites, well-known university professors, including more than 60 experts backbone. The team has maintained long-term exchanges and cooperation with oversea biological experts and scholars from Australia and Korea. Cooperated with 7 universities at home and abroad in scientific research projects and undertaken 12 national, provincial and municipal research and development projects. " Argireline Industrialization Project" was awarded the Xi'an Science and Technology Progress Award, and the research achievements of Argireline were published on the cover of American I & EC Research magazine.


HuiKang Bio-Tech R&D center is also the Practice Base of Northwest University, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, College of Food and Biological Engineering, Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base. In 2017, it was listed as the Xi'an Post-doctoral Innovation Base, Xi'an Talent Work Innovation Base and Xi’an  Active proteins and Peptides Engineering Research Center.

  • Qibing Mei

    Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, Chief scientist of HuiKang Bio-Tech

    Graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University, engaged in pharmacological toxicology research.

  • Yuan Li

    Foregoer of HuiKang Bio-Tech R&D Department

    Specialist in microbiology and immunology

  • Wei Hou

    Huikang Bio-Tech dermatologist

    Graduated from the Chinese Peking Union Medical College, he is mainly engaged in the construction of vitro three-dimensional skin model (artificial skin) and the vitro detection of allergens and skin irritants with artificial skin.

  • Yuan Si

    Doctoral researcher

    She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in Japan and a postdoctoral position at the Hopkins School of Medicine in the United States with a background in biomedical research.

  • Mengrong Ma

    Doctoral researcher

    Dr. Ma graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University in 2017 with a Ph.D. in Science and a research background in chemical biology.

  • Ya Wang

    Doctoral researcher

    Doctor degree. He graduated from Northwestern University majoring in biochemistry, mainly engaged in the design and product development of biomedical materials.

  • Jin Shi

    Pharmaceutical R&D engineer

    Deputy senior researcher,graduated from Lanzhou University,he has been engaged in the purification of bioactive proteins and the development&application of related pharmaceutical products.

  • En Gao

    Raw materials R&D engineer

    Engaged in molecular biology research, proficient in basic techniques of molecular biology such as RT, PCR, ELISA, Westen-blot, IHC, real-time PCR, cDNA library construction, etc.

  • Zhongqi Zhang

    Doctoral Research

    He is mainly engaged in the development of peptides synthesis technology and peptides cosmetics and peptides drug raw materials.

  • Xiang Li

    Senior Engineer in Cosmetic R & D

    Master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology, expert in the field of cosmetics, and senior engineer.

  • Chaogang Lu

    R & D Engineer

    Chief Cosmetic Formulation Expert, graduated from the School of Chemical Engineering, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, with a major in Senior Engineer.

  • Yadong Hou

    R & D Engineer

    Graduated from the Department of Chemistry at Weinan Normal University and studied at Daegu University in South Korea for 6 months. She is a cosmetics formula expert and advocate for pure makeup in cosmetics, with 17 years of deep cultivation in the field of cosmetics research and development.

  • Meiling Pan

    R & D Engineer

    Graduated from Shenyang University of Technology with a major in Fine Chemical Engineering. Engaged in research and development work in the cosmetics industry for 20 years.

  • Xingxing He

    Cosmetic testing R&D engineer

    Graduated from Hangzhou Normal University with a master's degree in Applied Chemistry, specializing in cosmetic efficacy evaluation and safety evaluation.

  • Jia Huang

    Cosmetic testing R&D engineer

    Master's degree in Food Science and Engineering from Northwest A&F University, responsible for cosmetic quality and safety, and an expert in cosmetic quality management.